Thursday, January 7, 2010

Skye Skyns, Waternish

BB, Trev and I did enjoy our visit to this shop and the little tour of how they cure the skins. Wouldn't you love a view like this from your place of work? At the end of this road on the loch is the village of Stein.

This is the entrance to Skye Skyns

The view down the road.

The upstairs entrance to the shop.

Sheep skins are imported from all over the world and processed here in the old fashioned way.

My sister BB bought the sheep skin hat on the top of the rack, slippers for mum and a sheep skin rug. I bought a bag of trim pieces.

The view from the shop.

Processing stages using the original old equipment.

Thelma was a great guide and a very helpful lady.



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