Sunday, December 20, 2009

3rd Day, Portree, Isle of Skye

I'm starting off with a beautifully colourful shop, Skye Batik, because outside was very grey.

Here, BB and I bought very nice silver hair clips with wooden pins that hold them.

Outside the day had become very overcast.

So here are some scenes of Portree.

The road to the left leads down to the harbour.

This is the High Street,views of it from each end.

Portree town square

One of the most frequented shops for us, was the bakery, because instead of eating in a restaurant, we would buy something here, hot meat pies, sausage rolls, quiches and make them into a picnic lunch. Taking it down to the harbour and picnicking there.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Edinbane Pottery, Isle of Skye

Is a lovely pottery shop in Edinbane. My sister BB and I love pottery, well any kind of china. In fact a friend came to our house one time and said 'it's a good job you don't throw plates at Bo when you get angry because you would never run out.' And that's about the truth. I have so many sets of beautiful china, and some pottery.

I would have bought something here, but to be honest it was super expensive. For instance a cup was eighteen pounds and the matching saucer fifteen pounds. My sister and I are pretty thrifty. He had some buttons, not even glazed in different colours, and not an inch in diameter and wanted three pounds per button; which BB and I thought was excessive. If he'd of had something small like that and cheaper, we would have bought a set.

If you had the money though, some lovely pieces.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Room with a View, day three, Monday

You are always in trepidation when you rent a holiday cottage. Is it going to be all that you expect. Of course if you have tons of money it can be all that you expect, but when you are working with a tight budget, it is such a delight to achieve the goal of reasonable price and a room with a view. It is a easier with the Internet to envision what your little holiday rental will look like, but the full panorama is not seen until you are there.

Glendale, looking towards Loch Pooltiel, from my bedroom window.

My diary and travel journal sitting on the window sill.

I had a terrible time this trip, adjusting to the time change. So I would be asleep by 9:00 to 9:30 PM, but then be awake again at 3:00 AM. Instead of tossing in bed, I would go downstairs, make a cup of tea, write up my travel journal and download all my photos onto my laptop. When I got home, at the end of the day, I was always far too tired.


P.S. Both my sister and I said we would love to stay here again Fasach

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dunvegan Castle, home of the Macleods

Dunvegan Castle, home of the Macleods and the Fairy Flag, rescuer of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Dunvegan Castle is the oldest continually inhabited castle in Scotland, sitting on a rocky outcrop, surrounded on almost all three sides by water. It must be in the folklore of all Macleods, who live in farflung places, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

When I last visited Dunvegan Castle we must have travelled the single track road, all the way from Portree. As I was told that back in the sixties that's all there was.
The above photos were taken on our Sunday afternoon walk to Coral Beach. I will post some more photos of our visit to the Castle.
The Macleods still live at the castle, occupying the upper floors. I heard they also have a flat in London and that the current Lord besides making Dunvegan Castle into a number one Isle of Skye tourist attraction,with hords of buses and ones like ourselves visiting; is also a film producer.
I wanted to refer back to 'In Search of Scotland' by H.V. Morton, who visited in the late 1920's. Back then the 23rd chief, Macleod of Macleod was in his eighties and lived in England. Twice a week the castle was open for visitors to see the Fairy Flag. A middle-aged English woman lived alone at the castle, and as Morton was guided '... through room after room completely furnished, but with the chill of loneliness over them ...' That is certainly not true now with the troop of visitors touring through.
We will re-visit Dunvegan Castle in a later post.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Old School Restaurant, Isle of Skye

Sunday evening, after a day of walking.

We had dinner at this restaurant in the town of Dunvegan.

We all had the Angus steak with a whisky mushroom sauce, it was very good.

About five miles from here is the Three Chimneys Restaurant, in fact we passed it every day traveling backwards and forwards from our cottage. A Michelin, five star restaurant. I think it costs about one-hundred and fifty pounds for two to eat, beyond our means.

I kept meaning to pop my head in the door and see what it looked like, but I never did. It's not spectacular from the outside. Judging from all the expensive cars you see there, even though it's in the middle of no where it obviously lives up to its' rating.

We stopped at a little craft shop and farm, and the lady said that all their quail eggs go to the restaurant.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Walk to and from Coral Beach

Couldn't resist taking this photo of dad with son.

Homeward bound.


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